2023 autumn and winter clothing fashion color trend

sunset red

How many of us have observed the red color of the sunset?

This kind of red is not the kind of atmosphere that is too blazing. After combining some orange colors, it has more warmth and shows a richer sense of energy;

In the enthusiasm of the red color, it is still so bright and prominent, and it will stand out among the crowd;

sunset red clothes

Sunset Red Dressing Tips

For the red color of the sunset, the pure color is the main color in the outfit, which adds more energy and warm temperament to the elegant dress. It combines the soft and curvy silhouette with a slim waist and some exaggerated shapes. , to add some eye-catching highlights to the clothing;

In addition to pure colors, the contrast between these sunset reds and some black, dark green, white and other colors will bring a stronger sense of visual stimulation; especially the classic black and white colors are highlighted in the matching. temperament;


blue sea blue

The blue color also has its own different temperament in different degrees and different occasions, for example, the blue sea blue mentioned here;

Combining the calmness of blue with the vastness of the sea, the color has more broad vision;

Seeing the blue color of the blue sea, there is a feeling of swimming in the sea, and the comfort of being surrounded by sea water is very pleasant;

blue sea clothes

Classic blue

There are also some classic blue colors, these classic blue colors are more elegant than the blue sea blue color, the color is not too bright, with a bit of stability;

This kind of color has more elegant temperament and atmosphere in the calm and rational, and it belongs to the high-end sense brought by the dark color;

classic blue clothes

Blue Dressing Tips

The colors of these different color systems can be matched in a similar way. The preferred simple way is still the same color and the same color, and the classic black and white color is comparable to it. The matching feature has become a necessary choice in many clothing collocations;

However, there are some other brilliant collocations, such as blue + khaki, which is brighter and more elegant; blue + red, the classic red and blue cp is on the stage, this effect must be extraordinary; blue + green, both for Cool toned colors bring more fresh atmosphere…

blue clothes

blue pattern wear

However, if the blue color is too troublesome to match, it is better to choose some patterns; the blue and white colors can create some blue and white porcelain pattern textures, so that the clothing will be more beautiful in the impact between colors. Add some vitality to the pattern;

The matching of pattern patterns is much simpler. Applying them to dresses, combined with some stylish sleeves, characteristic collars, three-dimensional bowknots, etc., adds fashion features to these outfits; there are also some solid colors. , forming an impact and highlighting the existence of patterns;

blue pattern clothes


Post time: Aug-11-2023