clothing production process

Clothing is a necessity that we see everywhere in our daily life,We wear them every day and can buy them from physical stores or online. But the process of their production is really little known. So how does a clothing manufacturer produce clothing? Now, let me explain it to you. First of all, we will recommend suitable fabrics to customers according to the customer’s design. After the customer chooses the fabric and color, we will go to buy the fabric. Then the quality inspection of the fabric will be carried out. We will put the fabric on the fabric inspection machine to check the length, damage and stains of the fabric. If the fabric is unqualified, we will return the fabric and re-select the qualified fabric. At the same time, the pattern master will make the pattern according to the customer’s design, and then we will cut the fabric according to the pattern. After cutting the various parts and yards of fabric, we will take the printed parts to the printing factory to make the printing according to the customer’s design drawing. After the printing is done, we sew. Then carry out the quality inspection of clothes. We will check the clothes for any excess thread, the size of the clothes, the quantity, the size of the print. The size of the main label, the position of the washing water label, whether the clothes are stained, etc. After going through strict quality inspection procedures, the unqualified products are selected, and the qualified products are kept, and then packed,Try to avoid sending defective products to customers as much as possible. And Finally the packaged products are put into boxes and sent to customers.

Post time: Jan-07-2023