color scheme of clothing
The more commonly used clothing color matching methods include similar color matching, analogy, and contrasting color matching.
1. Similar color: it is changed from the same color tone, such as dark green and light green, dark red and light red, coffee and beige, etc., which are widely used in clothing. The color scheme is soft and elegant, giving people a warm and harmonious feeling.
2. Analogous color: Refers to the matching of relatively similar colors on the color circle, generally within 90 degrees, such as red and orange or blue and purple, giving people a relatively mild and unified feeling. But compared with the same color, it is more varied.
3. Contrasting color: It can be used on clothes to get bright and bright effects, such as yellow and purple, red and green. They give people a strong feeling and should not be used more. If it needs to be used in a large area, you can use achromatic to coordinate.

color scheme1

the upper and lower clothing color matching
1. Light top and deep bottom, wear bright colors for tops and dark colors for bottoms, such as off-white tops with dark coffee trousers, the overall collocation is full of lightness and suitable for a wide range of wearing
2. The top is dark and the bottom is light. Use dark colors for tops and light colors for bottoms, such as dark green tops and light orange trousers, full of vigor and unconventional.
3. The collocation method of having a pattern on the top and a solid color on the bottom, or a collocation of a pattern on the bottom and a pure color on the top. Appropriately increase the richness and variety of clothing collocation. 4. When the top is composed of two colors of plaid patterns, the color of the trousers can be one of them. This is the safest way to match. 5. The color of the belt and trousers should be similar, preferably the same color, which can make the lower body look slender.

clocolor scheme

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