embroidery craft

The process of clothing patterns generally includes: printing, embroidery, hand-painting, color spraying (painting), beading, etc.
There are many kinds of printing alone! It is divided into water slurry, mucilage, thick board slurry, stone slurry, bubble slurry, ink, nylon slurry, glue, and gel.
Bead planting, printing, silver powder, silver particles, colored glitter particles, laser particles – and embossing, embossing is divided into embossing and embossing
1. Embroidery Machine embroidery (one person controls one machine, only one machine head, flexible stitching, full and three-dimensional effect, generally only used for high-end women’s clothing or dresses), computer embroidery, car bone, hand-cranked: computer embroidery is the most commonly used , which is also divided into many kinds of stitches, such as plain stitches, inserting stitches, other rice, embossed embroidery~~



Post time: Aug-25-2023